Modernize Frontline Efficiency

Your Frontline Worker is Your Most Important Employee

Frontline workers (FLW) are how your customers engage with you outside your walls. They are the first and last person customers interface with during their buying journey. The external nature of FLW makes them vulnerable to security breaches. They need a unified solution so they can securely access company apps and data on any device, any OS, wherever they work. They need to be empowered with tools to ensure customer satisfaction and productivity. MobileIron’s Frontline Worker Solution ensures security while empowering FLW productivity with passwordless access to the devices and apps required for success.

Drive customer engagement with approved apps

MobileIron UEM makes it easy to deploy and update whitelisted business apps to devices and prevent users from installing blacklisted apps such as social media, personal email, and streaming music services. Keep your field techs working.

  • Business apps
  • Inventory control
  • Faster response times

Share Devices to Increase Productivity

Frontline workers frequently share devices, such as in a retail store where several assistants may access the same device to look up inventory or check out customers during the course of a shift. Each employee may have different responsibilities or job functions requiring access to different apps or content. MobileIron allows admins to assign role-based access to individual groups and users through a single management console.

  • Frontline workers often share devices.
  • Different employees need different access and apps.
  • MobileIron assigns role-based access through a single console.

Provision Fast

MobileIron eliminates the time-consuming task of provisioning and configuring devices for new users. This not only saves countless IT hours, it ensures that workers in remote locations can quickly start using new devices provisioned with all of the apps, configurations, and security policies they need to be productive right away. Remote drivers can get going sooner.

  • Provisioning is time-consuming.
  • Admins can set up devices over the air.
  • Workers can be productive, sooner.

Enforce Policies to Ensure Security

MobileIron admins can enforce certain device restrictions, such as disabling the camera and microphone, restricting Wi-Fi options, and more. Not only does this help to keep frontline workers productive, it also protects apps and devices from unsafe user behavior, such as accessing potentially compromised networks.

  • Control the camera and mic.
  • Restrict Wi-Fi.
  • Keep workers productive.

Grant Secure Access to Save Time and Money

The MobileIron UEM policy engine grants secure access based on the context of the device, user, network, or app. For instance, a public utility worker can quickly access and update work orders in the field without returning to the office, which saves both time and money by eliminating extra trips.

  • Workers can update orders without returning to the office.
  • Reduce trips.
  • Increase worker efficiency.